Lines chart visualization problem

Good day everyone,

I successfully loaded a data set into my elasticsearch index about import data of a given country.
As you can see, it seems bugged since not every line is getting visualized correctly.
I'm fairly certain, that this is not a problem with the consistency in the data itself.
All values are accounted for
Also when just filtered for one country, which with all other lines would get visualized incorrectly (e.g. Kosovo) it is getting visualized in the correct way.

Is there a quick fix since it is a common problem I don't know about or is it necessary to provide further information then please let me know?
Both Y and X-axis are imported and mutated to "integer" in logstash and are display as Type = number in Kiabana "Index Patterns".
Thanks to everyone for their time and commitment!

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This is probably a nesting issue. Try flipping the X axis and Split Series order by dragging the handles.

Many thanks, Sir!

In addition to that, I had to change the order to "Alphabetical" and this way everything was perfectly visualized!

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