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I have created 3 visualizations as below:
Visualization_1 ====> Markdown
Visualization_2 ====> bar chart
Visualization_3 ====> bar chart

I have created two dashboards also as below:
Dashboard_1 ====> This contains Visualization_1 and Visualization_2
Dashboard_2 ====> This contains Visualization_2 and Visualization_3

Content of Visualiztion_1 is as below:

> - [Dashboard 1](#/dashboard/Dashboard_1)
> - [Dashboard 2](#/dashboard/Dashboard_2)

Now when I click on Dashboard_1 link in my markdown visualization (Visualization_1), I get error "Could not locate that dashboard (id: Dashboard_1)"

Same is the error when I click on Dashboard 2 link as well. Only id changed to Dashboard_2.

Can anyone please help me on this.


That looks like a valid markdown. Is the same dashboard name displayed in the address bar when you open it normally?

Hi Marius

My problem has been resolved now.

Actually the issue was that although I had given the dashboard names like dashboard_1 but in actual the name was going for some system generated value instead of dashboard name provided by me.

So, I exported the dashboard and edited its JSON and change the dashboard id to dashboard_1 and then imported dashboard again.

After that it worked properly.

Could you please suggest if we can change this dashboard id without exporting the dashboard and importing again.


Sorry for the long time it took me to answer. Exporting and importing the dashboard is the only way you can change the dashboard ID. You could modify the .kibana index but you can break things easier that way, so I would recommend against it.

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