Visualization id references by name instead of numbers

Hello to All,
In my dashboard references id some time "numbers" some time "name"

        "name": "panel_0",
        "type": "visualization",
        "id": "4e4bb1e0-1b1b-11e7-b09e-037021c4f8df-ecs"
        "name": "panel_1",
        "type": "visualization",
        "id": "System-Navigation-ecs"

So, if I try to create markdown URL's I need to use the id's instead of a name:

2020-04-28 11_53_48-System Navigation Metricbeat System ECS - Kibana
Any way change the reference id to name?
Or can I use something like "title" in markdown ?

All the references are to ID, just that for that specific visualization the ID is set to a custom value.

Thank You for answer.
Is there a way to look up a representative ID by name?

You can query the .kibana index and find the visualization there, but there can be duplicate names, not duplicate IDs.

Thank You!

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