How to create Markdown widget visualization dynamically on Kibana?

Hi All,

Please can anyone let me know, How to create Markdown widget visualization dynamically on Kibana ??

Scenario: Lets say i have a Main dashboard for sports with fields like sport-name, number of players etc.,and i also got a Sub Dashboard for each sports. if i want to drill down to specific sport dashboard like football, baseball, cricket etc. (If i want to navigate to particular sport dashboard). I should have to create a Markdown widget by hard-coding the Dashboard Name for each sport.

My Question is,
Can we create this link dynamically according to particular field value like %{sport-name} ??
When the new name gets added to the sport-name field under main dashboard, it should automatically create a new link for the new sport, How can i achieve this scenario ??
Can we make this as a part of any other visualization like (Data Table) ??

It would be very helpful, if someone comes forward and let me know how to resolve this issue asap.


Hi Pramod,

this is currently not possible, but would make for a good improvement. I'd suggest you file a new feature request here:

In the meantime, you could consider using a dashboard with two visualizations. One with the markdown text that provides the context, the other with a datatable that shows you the values dynamically.