Creating Tabs in Kibana Dashboard

(Pavithrananda Prabhu) #1

I currently have a Dashboard but i would like to split the Visualization in to various Tabs in Kibana..
I saw in one of the topics that a Mark down Widget can do this.. Please let me know how this can using markdown widget Also is there any other way of doing this?

(Lukas Olson) #2

You can embed links in a markdown widget. So the basic idea is to create different dashboards for each "tab" with all the visualizations you want, and then in each dashboard, also embed a markdown widget that links to each of the different dashboards. Does this make sense? I can go further into detail and provide an example if requested.

(Isra) #3

Lukas, I would appreciate it if you could go further into detail and provide an example, if possible. Thank you.

(Isra) #4

aren't iframes not allowed in markdown?

(Lukas Olson) #5

Sure, let me try to explain better with some screenshots.

First, I'll create a "kibana objects" visualization:

Next, I'll create a "monitoring count by date" visualization:

Next, I'll create a "kibana" dashboard and add the "kibana objects" visualization:

Next, I'll create a "monitoring" dashboard and add the "monitoring count by date" visualization:

Now here is where the magic happens. I'm going to create one more visualization for the "tabs". It will be a markdown widget, and I'll copy the links to the corresponding dashboards for "kibana" and "monitoring" and create hyperlinks:

Next, I'll go back to each of my dashboards and add the "tabs" visualization:

Voila! Clicking on the links in the "tabs" markdown widget brings me to the different dashboards, but since I've added this "tabs" visualization to both dashboards, it appears to stay persistent.

Does this help answer your question, or did you have something different in mind?

(Isra) #6

Thank you for your quick and very clear reply, it's very much appreciated.

I had already tried this solution, and my problem with it was that, when embedding the final dashboard (which is basically any dashboard since it contains the tabs visualization, and hence will give me access to the other dashboards), the problem was that it took a lot longer to load the other dashboards when choosing one, than it did when embedding multiple iframes in a web page.

The multiple iframes I had were configurable, i.e, I could change the time, filter, theme color..etc, using input fields I had within my HTML code. And looks wise, they looked one with the website I am building. This solution, however, does not enable me to do any changes to the dashboards, only view them.

Of course, I also have to mention that even before that, I had to work around loading all the Kibana dashboards iframes at once because that caused half of the iframes to show an error (posted about it on github here), and use Javascript to load each iframe once the user's clicked on its HTML tab.

In my opinion, Kibana still needs to work on its embedding dashboard features.

(system) #7