Creating multiple tabs in kibana

Hi team,

In the dashboard, I want to create a Navigation pane and create tab names like demand,supply,etc.And when the user clicks on any tab name, it should navigate to the correspoding dashboard(or view).

Essentially,I want to create multiple tabs in Kibana dashboard. I found that it is still in development. Do you have any idea about the ETA(An approximation would do).

I did some research and found that Markdown widget can be used as a workaround to achieve this(Creating a seperate dashboard and adding the link of that dashboard in the parent dashboard inside the markdown widget).

When I create a seperate dashboards for demand and supply and copy the link, it is a big url. I dont want the url to be used as a tab name. When the user clicks on demand or supply in the navigation pane of the parent dashboard, I want to redirect to the corresponding dashboard.

Is there any way to accomplish this?

P.S. I have used the open source free version for some time now and have just started using the cloud version. Just want to say that you have built an awesome product.


Hi, thank you for the kind feedback.
We have recently released drilldowns - which may be closest to what you need. You can use drilldowns to navigate between dashboards.
I hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply.
Went through the link that you shared. But I think drill downs are used for 'deep diving' into any specific aspect of the parent dashboard. Also, based on the link, drill downs can only created for visualizations

I would like to create a Navigation pane and would like to navigate to another dashboard by clicking on the tab names in the Navigation pane. I do not want to drill down into any visualization which I think is where drill downs can be used. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I did some digging and came across the below screenshot.

I think I would like to accomplish something like this(marked in red in the above image). Can you help me?


The circled part is just a breadcrumb, showing you the name of the current dashboard. There is no way to navigate to a different dashboard in a way that you describe. I am afraid drilldowns are the best thing we can offer for now.

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