IE 11 and Kibana

Hi All,

I have created a dashboard using kibana , when am trying to view in good chrome i dont have any issues but we are supposed to use only IE11.But I have problems in viewing the dashboards and visualisation.
Even i have enabled the state:storeInSessionStorage in kibana advance settings
still no change, i get this error message

Is there any way to fix the issue, pLease any one help me in figuring out this problem.


Hi @Raj_Kumar,

first off, it is known that the 32bit version of ie11 can be quite unstable, which is why we recommend to run the 64bit version (also for security reasons). Can you narrow down the conditions under which this happens? Does it occur for all dashboards or just complex ones?

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Hi Felix,

I will try to reduce the visualisations in the dashboard, I will get back to you .


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