Kibana accessing issue in IE 11 browser

(Ganesh) #1

HI ,
My kibana working fine in chrome, but when i open in IE 11 it showing some error can anyone help me out of it.

(Spencer Alger) #2

Can you provide some more details about is going on? Does this happen for every view in Kibana? What are you loading up? What is different about this item from items that load fine?

I'm using Kibana just fine in IE11 right now.

(Ganesh) #3

we have resolved the issue and issue was in our visualization part. Thanks for your response @Spencer Alger

(George) #4

Hi Spalger, Ganesh2303,

The error that you encountered here seems to be related to this Kibana bug:

I've upgraded to Kibana 4.4 but I'm still seeing this problem in IE/Edge, and Firefox gives long running JavaScript exceptions. Chrome is fine, but I need Dashboards to work in other browsers. This problem seems specific to dashboards with a largish number of widgets (12+)

Ganesh2303, how did you work around this error?

Kibana people: what is the timeline for getting the linked bug fixed?

(system) #5