Kibana browser support (IE-11)?

Hello, claims that Kibana supports IE-11. But when I view localhost:5601 in an IE-11 browser all of the kibana "gauge controls" have both horizontal and vertical scrollbars around them (sorry I don't see how I can post a screen-shot in this forum).

Is IE-11 still supported in Kibana?

IE11 is officially supported but Kibana is best experienced in a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox. There will be visual artifacts in IE11 but those should not impact core functionality. Kibana will also run much much much slower in IE11. I would highly recommend you do yourself a favor and use a modern browser. Even Microsoft has given up on Internet Explorer.

If you find something that is not working in IE11, please create an issue

Thank you for the quick reply and the detailed information. I agree IE11 is outdated technology. Unfortunately we're kinda stuck with it for a while longer. If you don't fully support IE11, then you should probably drop IE11 from your support list even it the issues are minor visual and performance related.


Hey @ehfdub. If you want to link me a github issue I can check it out I'm @snide on github if you want to ping me there. We do support IE, up to 11, but browser to browser there will always be slight changes, especially with user driven interfaces like Kibana.

To your specific reference I assume you're talking about a dashboard? Again, sorry, but I'll ask a basic question because I don't know your familiarity with Kibana, but did you go into edit mode and change the size of the panels to better fit your visualization?

Because it's up to the administrator to build dashboard items, that means they have some say over the layout and which panels do or do not show scroll bars. Often, simply upping the size of a panel will remove the scroll bars.

If you're seeing issues beyond that then please place an issue on Github along with a screenshot of what you're seeing and I'll check it out.

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