Kibana 7.11.1 - ie11 - bootstrap error (html5)


We have upgraded kibana/elasticsearch/logstash to version 7.11.1.
Everything works fine on chrome and we get errors on ie11.

SCRIPT1003: Expected ':'
File: bootstrap.js, Line: 18, Column: 20

When I check line 18: bundleRequire,
I need to run this on ie11. How can I solve it?


We stopped supporting IE11 in version 7.9: Elastic Support Matrix | Elasticsearch


Thanks for helping.
However I need to be able to run this, is there any way?

You would need to modify the Kibana source code to produce IE11-compatible builds.

We previously made some attempts to do this, but decided it was much better not to. For example, we tried to use babel on all ES6 node modules: [dll] run babel on all modules that aren't explicitly excluded by spalger · Pull Request #59923 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

You'll need to look at babel-related changes that we have either merged, or decided not to, and implement some way to output IE11 compatible code:

Oops, thanks again:)
Then I am forwarding my last question, the only solution seems to be a downgrade, a snapshot is required for this, right? (We installed it as docker.)

No, you cannot restore snapshots to older versions of Elasticsearch. Similarly, you cannot use Kibana indices that have been loaded with the latest version of Kibana in older versions of Kibana.

However, there is a workaround suggested in our official docs about using reindex-from-remote to do this: Snapshot and restore | Elasticsearch Reference [7.11] | Elastic

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