Kibana Homepage Not Loading

Good Morning,

I am running in an issue with the loading of the x.x.x.x:5601/app/home. In IE 11 I get a blank page and with Firefox it get a constant Elastic Loading.

Has anyone experienced this issue and solved the problem?

What version of kibana are you running? Does the page work in any browser?

Currently running 7.9 in a STIGd environment. No, I have not got it to work with any browser.
I did an Invoke-RestMethod localhost:9200 for elastic and it is running fine.

I am not familiar with STIGd. Are there any errors in the Kibana process logs? Those logs should display a message like "server log [08:53:15.507] [info][listening] Server running at http://localhost:5603/ond" when the server is running. Is that message displayed?

Yes I do get that message, but I also get Babel note: the code generator has deoptimised the styling because a file is above 500 Kb.

The babel note can be ignored.

How much memory does your machine have? Have you tried stopping the process and restarting? Are there any firewalls or proxies between the kibana server and the browser?

Currently the server is 4 core with 8 Gb RAM. Firewall is disabled and running locally. I have also tried stopping and restarting.


Concerning this issue, we don't see any thing in the elasticsearch and kibana logs that would cause this problem. No firewall or proxy in path.

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