Kibana: can't open kibana in my web browser

Hi team,

I am not able to open Kibana page in my web browser.

Earlier i was able to open Kibana page in my browser. Later i have uninstalled my Ubuntu server on virtualbox and reinstalled again. Then i reinstalled elasticsearch and kibana but now i am not able to load Kibana page on my Browser again. When i open: http//localhostip i doesn't work anymore.

Could you please help me whats going wrong in that and how can I bring up Kibana?


When i open: http//localhostip i doesn't work anymore.

What exactly happens?

Can you make sure Kibana is running and paste the logs here? If Kibana can't start successfully, the logs should contain the reason.

this is what i get when i try to open kibana in the browser

Meanwhile kibana is active

Try, Kibana doesn't run on port 80.

I have tried. I still doesn't work.
On which port does kibana run please?

I need help please!!!!!

Can you share your kibana.yml please format using the </> button

Kibana runs on port 5601

Are you trying to access it from the server you installed it on or from a different machine?

If you are trying to access from a different machine you will need to set see settings here

This setting specifies the host of the back end server. To allow remote users to connect, set the value to the IP address or DNS name of the Kibana server. Default: "localhost"

In other words Kibana is bound to localhost only default

Try setting :

Here is the kibana.yml

Hi @Liora please don't post screen shots of text / yml it makes it very hard to debug / test plus it is not searchable by others.

That said right there in the kibana.yml (which I can not cut and paste because it is an image) is : "localhost"

Which means it is only bound to localhost so as suggested try binding to the network ip : ""

Oh sorry!
I have reinstalled the server. The new server adress is
So i have modified kibana.yml and wrote ""
But it still doesn't work

What is the error message when you try in the browser

Have you checked the Kibana logs for any errors.

Can you ping that IP address from the box you trying to across Kibana from?

Are elasticsearch and Kibana on the same server?

Yes elasticsearch and kibana are on the same server. I can also ping the IP adress.



Apologies I am confused what does ngnix have to do with Kibana?

are trying to put an ngnix proxy in front of Kibana?

Is Kibana running on the server?

Can you provide the Kibana logs... Please do not post them as a screenshot

nginx is the proxy. It's part of the installation for kibana to be opened in a webbrowser. Yes kibana is running on the server

how can i share the logs with </> ? I don't understand please. Do you have an example?

ngnix is not required for Kibana to be opened in a web browser

Kibana does not require ngnix or any other proxy / webserver to function.

What installation guide are you following?

Here is the official guide.

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