Kibana:not able to open Kibana page in my web browser


I am not able to open Kibana page in my web browser.

Earlier i was able to seen Kibana page in my browser, later i have deleted kibana and logstash service through command "sc delete logstash/kibana" and re-installed logstash and kibana service. and I have followed the steps in the article after that i am not able to load Kibana page on my Browser.

Could you please help me whats going wrong in that and how can I bring up Kibana?


Is the Kibana process running? What happens when you visit localhost:5601 with your browser? Connection refused?

Yes, when I am trying to run "http://localhost:5601/" in browser then i am getting below error:



Okay, so it seems Kibana isn't running. Have you tried starting it?

Yes, I have started Kibana from service.msc and it is showing that Kibana is in Started state.

Earlier Kibana was running in http://localhost:5601 but after i have uninstalled and re-installed Kibana service. after that i am unable to access the Kibana service in browser.

Do i need to re-perform all the step as mentioned in above guide article?


same was happening to me once but after deleting cookies and system restart everything works. Why don't yo just run directly elastic bat file, I mean just to check ?

I am using wondows Kibana, I think you can start the kibana.bat file under /bin. It should work I believe. Thanks.

Thanks Shilong, After running Kibana.bat from/bin , Kibana is up and i am able to open in Browser.

But when I opened http://localhost:5601 , kibana service is opening in browser like attached image.

But when I tryed to click on "setting" link then nothing is happend.

Please have look into this and let us know how can i fix it.


do you start the elsaticsearch.bat as well.

also, I am wondering if what is the data you store, you might use logstash to try it out, make sure you are having the data index in elastic search, otherwise it cannot show up anything unless the Kibana web page brokes up.

Thanks shilong,

Now I am able to open kibana page on browser without any error.

Could you please help me to find how can get the data from server?


Good to know what you have done.

Sure, I think you should have the logstash configuration and then you should have the data, it depends on hwat your data source, apache access log? if so, you can refer to logstash and then running the conf file, then everything is done.

After that, go to the Kibana, and choose the index pattern, so that you should see the data on the Kibana console.

HI shilong , I have just uninstalled all the service and redo all the step which mentioned in guide page.

May be there was some problem with kibana version earlier i was using kibana 4.3.0 version and now i am using 4.2.0 version.

DO i need to install both IIS and apache server to access the log?? I have installed IIS server.


I have the same problem after applying updates to my Ubuntu 14.04 system about two weeks ago. My localhost:5601/status#/ is Green

Hey Lewis,

What issues exactly are you having?


I took screen shots of everything I could think of, put them in a word doc, because I didn't know of a better way to collect the info.

Let me know if there is anything more you need.

Lewis Litchfield
Technology Services - Viking Center Lab
University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee

You can just upload images to this forum. Can you upload what you have?

logstash.err & kibana.stderr are empty. Other tail -f /var/log/ etc are attached.

I installed a fresh Ubuntu 14-04 system & installed ELK using Https:// ubuntu-14-04.
After installing everything opened localhost:5601 using Firefox. Settings display came up.
Installed Ubuntu Software Updates & rebooted. Settings web page had data in it.
I am trying to compare the the two machines to determine whar the difference is.

Someone else ran into this, on IRC, though I'm not sure if they were able to rectify the problem. They said there was something up with it connecting to elasticsearch on port 9200, are you experiencing similar symptoms?

I have been trying to recreate my problem with Kibana Discovery, Settings, & other blank WEB pages with only the Kibana banner bening displayed. Also I have not been able to find the the original problem which started after applying Ubuntu 14.04 updates. I will continue my investigation.

Installed fresh Ubuntu 14.04 system +ELK. The Client with filebeat will send syslogs after service filebeat restart only. The client is also Ubuntu 14.04. Ran Ubuntu 14.04 updates to both systems, no change to ELK or the client sending syslog info to the ELK server. I will keep trying to recreate my original problem which appeared after applying Ubuntu 14.04 updates.

Lewis Litchfield
Technology Services - Viking Center Lab
University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee