Kibana is running,but connection refused

My Kibans is running, but not able to load on browser.
I checked in /var/log.Kibana folde not see in logs,
what is the solution for this issue. reinstall Kibana again or any
suggestion have please reply.

How are you trying to connect to Kibana, and have you changed anything in the config? By default I think it only binds to localhost, not, which means it's not network accessible and you'll only be able to access it from the machine that Kibana is running on, and only by using localhost:5601.

Couple things come to mind:

  1. Firewall rules not allowing 5601 or 80/443
  2. SELinux (CentOS/RHEL)

Are you using something like Nginx to reverse proxy connections from 5601 to 80/443? Also, what operating system is Kibana running on?

I am try to accessing same way. Instead of ,using localhost:5601.

But no log file in log directory. /var/log. no kibana directory

Are you running this at work or in an environment where 5601 is blocked? A lot of corporate networks only allow access to 80/443 and other common ports.

Try accessing the server directly and running: curl http://localhost:5601

As an alternative, you could setup a reverse proxy using Nginx to forward requests made to port 80/443 to 5601, where Kibana is running. This will allow you to access http://<your-kibana-ip> instead of http://<your-kibana-ip>:5601

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