Curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 5601: Connection refused

Hello everyone. I have a problem with kibana.
curl localhost:5601 does not work i couldn't connect with browser.
when i try this commands
sudo -i service kibana start
sudo -i service kibana stop
sudo service kibana status
i see that kibana Works.
kibana.yml file contains...

Kibana is served by a back end server. This setting specifies the port to use.

server.port: 5601

Specifies the address to which the Kibana server will bind. IP addresses and host names are both valid values.

The default is 'localhost', which usually means remote machines will not be able to connect.

To allow connections from remote users, set this parameter to a non-loopback address. ""
elasticsearch.url: "http://localhost:9200/"
what is the problem?

Can you check the logs? Maybe Kibana can’t start the web server for some reason.

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