Unable to access Kibana dashboard from my browser even after setting server.host as in kibana.yml file

Hi Team,

I've setup latest Elasticsearch and Kibana dashboards on my linux machine by downloading latest versions(7.6.1) .tar.gz files.

I'm able to see that Elasticsearch is up and running fine by using command 'curl http://localhost:8080' and even Kibana also showing as started fine as per log.

I've googled a lot and tried so many options including setting 'server.host' as in kibana.yml file still I'm unable to access Kibana UI in my browser by using 'http://:5601'.

Kindly help me in this regard, how to enable access to Kibana UI in remote machine like my windows OS's browser (as the server is linux, I can't open localhost:5601 on my linux box).

Am I doing anything wrong? Am I missing anything?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Hi @venkata.kodapaka,

I would be interested in seeing a few things:

  1. The contents of /etc/hosts
  2. The Kibana logs containing the confirmation that everything it's running fine
  3. The URLs you've been trying to access Kibana

Hi @mikecote,

Thanks for the reply.
I could solve the issue by checking with our IT team. Seems there was restriction on the ports and they disabled firewall in order to get it accessed in different machines.

Thank you for the follow up @venkata.kodapaka!

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