Can a Filtered Alias filter suggestions like it can filter for a search?

I'm learning ElasticSearch and using it for a multi-tenancy situation. I've created some aliases per customer and it's filtering and routing in Search really well.

However it's not doing the same for Suggest. Is this possible?

What's the use case for Suggest? For example, say I have sales database of contacts, with fields for FirstName, LastName and FullName. My users certainly want to keep their sales leads private. Is Suggest intended only to suggest or prompt for individual names and not for the full name which would give away too much? Or can I do a completion for FullName filtered only for their data?

Am I correct in guessing this is kind of possible with a collation? Does adding collations slow down the Suggest a lot? Any examples?


Ok, my understanding now is that Phrase and Terms suggestions are global and for generic things that wouldn't be private. Like individual names in my example. And I can use a Context within a Completion suggester for filtering private FullNames per tenancy. And I set my tenancy Id as category string when defining the completion mapping for FullName.

And the answer to my question is no because Suggesters ignore filters in an Alias because they don't implement them.