Can all occurrences of a shard be deleted?Can all occurrences of a shard (primary and replica(s)) be re-routed to same node?

I want to delete all occurrences of a shard in the cluster. Primary as well as replicas.
Is there a straight forward way to do it?
If not, can multiple instances of same shards (primary and replica(s)) be re-routed to same node.
If it can be done, I can basically do that and remove that node from cluster.


what's the reason you want to delete only one shard? There is good reason why this is not possible in a simple way because it will basically make your index inoperative. You can of course always delete the whole index, but deleting primary and all replicas of only one shard kind of defeats the purpose of having them in the first place. You can the "number_of_replicas" to 0 (that is a dynamic setting), but if the node with that particular shard dies unexpectedly your index will be inoperative. Thats why I was initially asking what you are trying to achieve with this.

I want to do this to get rid of this problem : Cluster becomes unresponsive and cluster health becomes yellow

To delete the shard "62" which is causing whole cluster to become unresponsive.
I am fine with re-indexing all documents in shard 62. But, I don't want to delete whole index.

The only way is to shutdown the cluster and then delete the shard from the disk.
Which is dangerous.