Almost all primary shards on same node

I've got a dev cluster running elasticsearch 1.7.0 that I haven't had need to look at very closely for a couple months but now I'm prepping to to a rolling replacement of the instances and a noticed an oddity. When I first set it up everything was looked fine but now I notice that most indexes have all their primary shards on the same node. A few have them split a bit but even those have most of the shards on that node.

So I have 3 questions which I'd appreciate any guidance on:

  1. Is this a problem?
  2. Do I have settings screwed up somewhere (see below)?
  3. Does this need to be fixed before I do the replacement of all my nodes?

Pastebin of Cluster Node Info

Thanks in advance

  1. No
    The rest doesn't matter.

A primary and any replicas do the same amount of work, so this is not a problem you need to worry about.

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Thank you