After upgrading to Elasticsearch 6 all primary shards are going to one server?

Hey Everybody! (I'm having lots of fun with Elastic 6 if you all can't tell from all my posts :P)

So my Elastic 6 cluster works, but it is doing this odd thing where when a new index is created it puts all the primary shards on one node? So for example, I have 3 nodes and 5 shards per index:

Node 1: Replica shards 1, 2, 3
Node 2: Replica shards 4, 5
Node 3: Primary shards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

That doesn't seem very balanced to me? Is there a new setting I need for this?

Is that the only index you have in the cluster?

Elasticsearch doesn't distinguish between primary and replica when allocating (unless you tell it to with allocation filtering/awareness). It just looks at pure shard count.

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