Can be Rally used to benchmark Kibana?

I want to benchmark an Elastic Cloud Kibana installation and I was thinking on using Rally. Is it possible? and how?


Hi Gustavo,

Please see the Rally documentation section on Benchmarking an Elastic Cloud cluster for more information.

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Thanks @json My question was about stressing Kibana instead of Elasticsearch. I guess what you are suggesting is to hit elastic directly with the queries Kibana generates to each chart?

Some users confuse Kibana and Elasticsearch, but not you, sorry. :slight_smile: And indeed, Rally does not support benchmarking Kibana.

Recording the queries that Kibana makes and benchmarking Elasticsearch with those queries is a great idea! After all, when loading a complex dashboard the limiting factor will be Elasticsearch. But it still only benchmarks Elasticsearch, not Kibana, which may or may not be what you want to do.

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Kibana is basically a web application so you can pick any load testing tool that works for you such as JMeter, Gatling or others. The Kibana team is currently using Gatling for this purpose and you can see the supporting infrastructure in GitHub - elastic/kibana-load-testing: Http load testing project for Kibana.



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