Can ctx.execution_time be formatted in Watcher?


I setup a Watcher and want to have a timestamp on email subject line, so I put ctx.execution_time, any way to format the ctx.execution_time like "2019-12-18 08:15 PM" or similar format date/time? Please advise.

Current result from my Watcher
Email Subject: Alert at 2019-12-18T03:47:14.683759Z

"actions": {
"send_email": {
"email": {
"from": "...",
"to": "...",
"subject": "Alert at {{ctx.execution_time}}",
"body": {
"html": "..."

You can use a script transform within the action to create a new field with a formatted date.

Thank you @spinscale, I am able to do something like this, and will test more options.

"transform" : {
"script" : "return [ 'time' : ctx.execution_time.getYear()+'-'+ctx.execution_time.getMonth()+'-'+ctx.execution_time.getDayOfMonth() ]"

great you got it working. you may want to take a look at explicit formatting in order to ensure you have two or four digit long numbers (think january first)...

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