Can Elastic APM RUM handle stacktrace from Electron

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Latest version of Electron

I wonder whether Elastic APM RUM can handle stacktrace from Electron

I used rum agent, which be installed into Electron app, to report error to apm server. But I can't view source code mapping to stacktrace on Kibana.

I uploaded source map files which the field bundle_filepath doesn't contain parent folder path to apm server.
And apm server received the stacktrace of error from Electron app, the field abs_path of stacktrace contains parent folder path, and Kibana told me ‘’No Sourcemap available‘’.

field bundle_filepath in sourcemap: /noteToolbar.js

field abs_path in stacktrace: /F:/parent_folder_path/noteToolbar.js

Hi @Matrix,

The bundle_filepath needs to match the abs_path as well. Furthermore, make sure that serviceName and serviceName are also configured correctly in the agent.

I hope this helps.


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