Can Elasticsearch cluster appoint the shards to a specific data node?

Hi ,i have two question
1 , If Elasticsearch cluster data node can located in different cities ?
for expample ,some data node server in New York and others in Washington ?
2, IF elasticsearch cluster can appiont the shards to a specific data node ?
for example , index name "new_york" shards appoint to the data node ip address in New Yorn
and the index name "Washington" shards apiont to the data node ip address in Washington?

Because we have some server in diffent city to collect log data ,
and we want to save the log data to the server in same city,that the speed maybe faster;

Some body know this ?thank you

Elasticsearch requires low latency and good bandwidth between the nodes in a cluster so distributing across geographic regions is generally not recommended.

You can use shard allocation awareness and filtering to control shard distribution so I would recommend you read up on these topics to see if it fits your needs.

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Thank you for response;
yes ,i try to google how to appoint the shard to specific data node ,but find none ;
and i know the user define routing can appoint a document to specific shard ,
but no find how to appoint to a specifig data node!

What are you trying to achieve? What size cluster are you planning to have?

Maybe 40 000 000 document /day

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