Can ES plugin talk to requests coming from port 9300?

(Ayush Sangani) #1

Hi All,

I am writing a ES plugin which will intercept all the requests from a API before going to Elasticsearch i.e. technically all the ES requests will be intercepted by this plugin.
Requests from port 9200 is intercepted by this plugin, whereas request coming from an API is not intercepted by this plugin.

Is it because this API is using Transport Client and sending requests on port 9300, if yes how can we intercept request from port 9300?

Note: API in talk is Java API which is building ES query using Java Client of ES

Please let me know if any other information is required.

Ayush Sangani

(Patrick Kik) #2

I think it's not possible to intercept traffic on port 9300.

(Ayush Sangani) #3

Thanks for the reply Patrick.
@colings86/ @nkvoll Can you guys provide me a guidance on how to approach this problem?

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