Can heartbeat monitor ip/website via specific network interface?

One server connected to 3 ISP and need to monitor those latency to some ip/websites .

Can heartbeat monitor ip/website via specific network interface ? or run some scripts (for change gateway ) after complete a round of monitoring .

Hi @luckyclue,
Currently, there's no option available to specify the origin interface of a monitor. This is where we create a tcp connection for http monitors and since we are not specifying any local address, it is being resolved for us. Do you think this topic can be a possible workaround for your use case?

This is a great idea for a feature. we've opened an issue for it, but it's not a top priority since it's a very rare request. We'd gladly accept a contribution / PR however.


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netns ! I almost forget it . I think it's worth trying . Thx

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Thanks!! FYI I've created a ticket in our beats repository if you'd like to track updates on this :slight_smile:

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