How to add real host name to heartbeat for metricbeat integration of website url\ip

hi there...

I'm trying to create a monitoring integration for our web sites.
I'm using the heartbeat (standalone docker) for uptime with the external\public URL and on the sites hosting servers, I've add filebeats and Metricbeats for Logs and Metrics.

the issue is that the metricbeats is based on hostname and the heartbeat is based on IP.
as I'm using the external URLs and get back the public IP, how can I correlate them to use the uptime integrations for viewing the logs and metrics directly?


Apologies for the delayed reply. Unfortunately we don't have an external mechanism to correlate the two datapoints as of yet, but it's something we're looking at. I've opened to track the discussion. If you can chime in on the issue and tell us more about your setup that would help us out!

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