Can Heartbeat use basic auth to log into a website

Hello Elasticians,

I am trying out the new Synthetics Module in Heartbeat.
The webserver I am trying to check has a basic auth feature implemented. So before I can access the webpage I need to use user and password to log in.

I haven't found any information in the docs if heartbeat can use some basic auth feature to log in before accessing a website that I want to test.

If anyone has an idea, I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you!



Basic auth for a webserver should mean that you can include those details in the URL. Have you tried that?

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Hello Warkolm,

it looks more like this in chrome:

I can't see any changes in the url when I log in.



I believe what @warkolm means is u can do https://<user>:<pass>@<fqdn> to do basic auth as part of the url.


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