Can i add Aindex's documents aggregation result into B Index's document?

Hi. i'm using Elasticsearch 6.4.1.

i was posted this question.

and @warkolm answered for me. thank you.

but i guess 'Rollup API' doesn't support 'Nested Aggregation'.
(Rollup aggregation limitations | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic)

but i'm using complex query including various aggregation.

my request are composited to query/filter/terms aggregation, avg aggregation, nested aggregation, etc.

exactly what i want to do is

(1). query to A Index (including Nested Aggregation)

(2). add (1)'s result to B Index as each documents (B Index will have multiple documents)

(3). repeat this every 1 minute.
(B Index's documents' date interval will be 1 minute)

(4). B Index's documents are composed to A Index's aggregation result.
for example,
doc1 : aggregation result about A Index at now -3m/m
doc2 : aggregation result about A Index at now -2m/m
doc3 : aggregation result about A Index at now -1m/m
doc4 : aggregation result about A Index at now/m

(5). querying B Index and show the graph (Vega in Kibana)

when i saw 'Rollup API', i interested in 'crontab' string.

but, Rollup API doesn't save result as documents (not exactly, i guess this)
and doesn't support 'Nested Aggregation'

so i saw 'Watcher API'.
but my license doesn't support this yet, so i couldn't test this feature.

can i do this?

i solved this problem.

X-Pack's Watcher API can handle this issue.

  • note
    i tested Watcher API via trial (30 days free to use advanced X Pack) License.
    if you want to use Watcher API, you must purchase license.
    in basic and opensource license cant handle this.
    if you cant purchase license, you will be using script (php, java, python, etc)

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