Can i reindex aggregation's result to other index?

Hi. im using Elasticseacrh 6.4.1

i have a lot of logs.

to visualize these, im using vega in Kibana. (there are nested objects)

but logs are too many exist to aggregate and drawing grpah in vega.
(request timeout occured)

so, i decided to make other index to save summary information of the index's aggregation results.
crontab (or scheduling job) will insert this summary information to new index.
(near realtime aggregation summary)

im refering ElasticSearch documents, and i saw 'reindex' feature.

can i do this?

when i tested Reindex API, only filtered query's result is moved(i dont know 'copied' exactly) in new index.

there aren't aggregation results.

You could use the rollup APIs -

But if things are timing out, there may be other ways to stop that from happening.

@warkolm thx for your response.

and i trying to use this feature.

i saw this reference.

can i using 'Nested Aggregation' in Rollup API? or not?

Of course, i will use 'AVG Aggregation' as a child aggregation of 'Nested Aggregation'

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