Can I change the query logic, or boosting based on what is in the query?

I am looking for ways to make the specific query issued against the index, determining the boosting distribution across fields, perhaps, or excluding certain indices, or switching between unanalyzed keyword match vs analyzed text match, based on what the user has entered in the query.

For example, if they are looking for ways to fix an issue, and I can see that intent by the way they have phrased their query, give more weight to troubleshooting or how to documents, as opposed to specs or marketing materials, as opposed to if I see they are asking for the price of something, boost marketing and/or sales type content. There are potentially a lot of uses for this. The basic problem is throwing a match/no match pattern at the query and choosing the specific query type based on that?

Is this possible in Elasticsearch? Is there a plugin I should look into?

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