Can i config 'Default Columns' by index?

hi. im using kibana 6.4.1

in 'Discover' tab, i want to show designated field by default.

but, there is 2 index.

i want to set index1's 'Defalut Field' to 'index1_field'
and i want to set index2's 'Default Field' to 'index2_field'

this mean,
when i clicked 'Discover' and selected 'index1', discover must show 'index1_field' by default
when i clicked 'Discover' and selected 'index2', discover must show 'index2_field' by default.

i refered kibana document

but there isn't info.

i know that i can set multiple Default field like 'field1, field2'.
but i dont know how can i set Default Field by index.
Each index must have different Default Field.

when i tested,
if 'index1' index has field1, field2, field3.
and i setted Default Fields to 'field1, field2, field4'.
then discover's default columns about index1 is showing 'field1, field2' only.
i should using this?

how can i handle this?

i solved.

we can save the object not only Visualize or Dashboard, but also Search in Discover.

Making Search by index1, designate fields and Save.
Making Search by index2, designate fields and Save.

and load later what you want.

plus, we can add 'Search' to Dashboard. :smiley:

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