Can i delete old documents automatically? (without Curator)

hi. i'm using ElasticSearch 6.4.1

i'm using built-in vega(3.3.1) in Kibana 6.4.1, and vega referencing designated index.

so i cant use date-based-name indices. (so i cant using Curator API.)

of course, i can re-index from 'date-based-name index' to 'designated index',
and i can set 'designated index' to vega's refering index for drawing graphs.

but this is too complex to maintain.

so i just want to delete old documents by cron or scheduler by date-type field.

i know Watcher API but i guess there isn't feature what i said.

can i do this? i want to handle this in ElasticSearch API without other script.

i searching about this feature, but most people answered 'use Curator'.

  1. Have Vega reference an alias, rather than a static index.
  2. Use time-based indices behind the alias.

Problem solved. You can use Curator after that.

You do not want to do a delete-by-query approach to index management. It is just too taxing to the cluster.

thx :smiley: i didn't know 'alias' concept.
(i guess this concept like 'symbolic link file' in linux)

then, i will try Curator.

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