Automatically delete 1 month old documents(without deleting index) in elastic search

I am new to Elastic Search & I need to delete documents older than 1 month (in all indices) in the elastic search .
I know how to delete a single document by id / deleting an index , but not able to figure out how to automatically delete 1 month old data in elastic search
Can somebody please tell how to do that .

You should use time based indices and just drop the old indices using curator project.

Otherwise have a look at the delete by query API.

When i try to create time based index for filebeats,it says "unable to fetch mapping , do you have indices matching that pattern". However the normal index is getting created when i type in filebeat-*.
Can u please tell what's wrong here!

Also can you please provide steps /example of using curator. I am very new to Elastic search.

For the 1st question, I don't know. May be ask in #kibana for help.
Check that indices exist:

GET _cat/indices?v 

Will give the list of existing indices.

For the 2nd question, please read the documentation :

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