Can I delete the kibana_task_manager indices

It is not clear on what those index are storing (can see some maps and lens related documents)

Is it possible to delete them to limit my shards? what would be the consequences?

Some background tasks in Kibana happen on a schedule, e.g. once a day. The component managing these tasks is called the task manager. It uses special indices in Elasticsearch to store the queue of tasks and some meta information. You can find more information here:

If you are talking about multiple indices, are you referring to .kibana_task_manager_1, .kibana_task_manager_2 and so on? If that's the case, those are generated when upgrading kibana - the .kibana_task_manager always points to the active one, so it's safe to delete the others.

Even if you are deleting the active index, Kibana will re-create it because it needs it to function internally.

To get rid of it, you could theoretically disable the task manager via xpack.task_manager.enabled: false - but will trigger a cascade of other plugins which also need to get disabled now because they rely on task manager.

I definitely recommend leaving it in place - like the .kibana index it's an essential part of Kibanas functionality.

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