Can I deploy open source ELK stack for multi cloud scenario like GCP and AWS for capturing logs, metrics and Kibana dashboard centrally on GCP of the cloud? Or does multi cloud scenario require a licensed version only?

Can someone help me with details around how to install opensource ELK tools on multi cloud environment GKE and EKS to achive end to end central observability for logs and metrics.
What are the limitations of open source ELK stack in a multi cloud scenario with respect to licensed version of elastic on GKE or EKS.
Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome,

It is a little confusing what you mean with multi-cloud and what you want to do, can you provide a little more context?

You can run your cluster on GCP for example and monitoring logs and metrics from machines running on AWS, but your cluster will be hosted on GCP, you would need to configure your machines on AWS to communicate with your cluster on GCP.

Your Elasticsearch cluster and Kibana will run on one place only, it is not recommended to have a cluster composed of nodes in different datacenters for many reasons.


Thanks for responding.
Yes, I meant hosting elastic tools on gke with logs and metrics being pushed from AWS (EC2 and eks).
Can it be achieved via open source tools. If yes, some pointers please.

Also, what are the limitations that open source elastic version has over a licensed version for above scenario. What featured i will miss out here.

To give you more context, I am evaluating cost effective solution for multi cloud scenario alongwith it's tradeoffs.


There's no license restrictions against doing what you describe with a (free) basic license, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily a good idea. See Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic for information about the extra features available with a paid license.