Can i import other web page(html with javascript) to Kibana like iframe or frame?

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Hi. I'm using Kibana 6.4.1

I need to handle some graphs via external script (D3.js or Charts.js with javascript etc).

now im using Vega visualization for drawing json array to graph.
(Kibana's Default visuailizes are not support json array well.)

but, built-in vega's version in kibana is too slow to improve performance
(vega 3.3.1 can't load data dynamically)

but Kibana can handle a lot of graphs, so i want to using Kibana to main.

i know that Kibana's sharing url. and copy this url to frame tag in external html as property
(Kibana to External html)

but, what i want to do is importing external graphs to Kibana
(External html to Kibana)

can i do this? (via markdown?? or etc?)

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Hi, you can do this by writing a custom plugin that embeds an iframe. Here are some Kibana plugin development resources:

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thx for your response.

i will check these references

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