Can I make a node in a cluster migrate to another cluster?

Hello, I am currently operating an Elasticsearch cluster of three nodes. Let's say them "cluster A" and "node A1, A2, A3"

There is a separate cluster of one node. Let's say it "cluster B" and "node B1"

Node B1 has a lot of data in its datastream.

I would like to integrate node B1 into cluster A.

But I am worried that I may lose the data of node B1, since there are a lot of data in node B1.

Could I migrate them successfully (without loss of data) in this scenario?

You can snapshot the date from the B cluster and restore it into the A cluster. Then make the B node joining the A cluster.

But no, you cannot take one node out of a cluster and join it - and the data it holds - to another cluster.


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