Adding a node from an existing cluster to another cluster

I have a single elasticsearch node in it's own cluster (one node cluster) and I have different cluster that has 3 nodes. Both have their own set of data.

I want to take the single node and add it to the 3 node cluster to make it a 4 node cluster.

My question is, will I loose the data that is in the single node when I add it to the 3 node cluster?

This is not something that we'd recommend or even say will work. What version are you running?

Currently running 7.7.1.

I need the data from the single node as well as the data from the 3 node cluster in tact. Is there an alternative?

Snapshot and restore or remote reindex.

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Thanks for providing those options.

Not familiar with remote index. I'll look that up.

As far as snapshot and restore, the snapshot i would create from the single node wouldn't overwrite any data I have in the 3 node cluster?

No it won't.

OK, thanks!

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