Can I pass application logs to filebeat?

I want to pass application logs to filebeat . Can I pass ? if yes then how should I pass?


What do you mean by "pass"?
In general you can tune your application to "print" logs in a log file like /var/log/myapp.log and then configure Filebeat to collect the logs from this log file using a log input:

Thanks for your time !!
actually the same i did.
i added filebeat log input and paths where my log files located.
but i can't see those log line in kibana( dashboard)

I would suggest running Filebeat in debug mode with ./filebeat -e -d "*" and see if there are events emitted.
Are you sending events from Filebeat to Elasticsearch?

I want work with this chain
Filebeat => Logstash => Elasticsearch

i'm sending log lines to filebeat

Then you first need to verify that you can successfully send logs from Filebeat to Logstash and then from Logstash to Elasticsearch.

how can i verify filebeat sendting logs to logstash?

Going deep and try to understand as much as possible around your setup: Run both in debug mode and check that there are no errors and that there are logs indicating that everything works fine.

Black box approach: Configure Logstash to send to Elasticsearch too and verify that documents are ingested in Elasticsearch.

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