Can I run multiple Elasticsearch instances in one server?

Can I run multiple Elasticsearch instances in one server?
-If yes, How can I install 2 Elasticsearch instances in a single Linux server.
I am aware if we use "yum install" will be installed without any issue.

Thanks in Advance

Yes, we can run multiple instances of Elasticsearch in a single machine/server.
Instead of using yum install command, you can download, configure and run the tar.gz files from, But use different ports and data directories for each instance.


Why do you want to do this?

Yes and I did that recently with my laptop for experimentation with things that I would like to do with ES Cluster. This setup simplifies my environment, instead of using docker or using multiple machines/VMs/EC2 instances.

You can download and use the .tar.gz file recommended above, and then you can do one of the following options

  • option 1 - untar the file into two directories: es-01, es-02 then update the config file in each node

  • option 2 - untar the file into one directory: es-instance, copy the config directory to another location with something like path/to/es-01/config, path/to/es-02/config then create a script to launch elasticsearch from the same binary location (which is es-instance) but use different config location (one for es-01/config, one for es-02/config)

You need to update the following parameters in config/elasticsearch.yml file to separate one node from the other.

  • path.logs
  • http.port

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