Can I safely use Solr and Elasticsearch dependencies in the same Java project?

Hi so I have a Java project which started as a way to get data from a database and transport it into Solr. This project uses Maven and relies on the solr-core and solr-solrj artifacts as dependencies. For the Solr dependencies it uses version 6.6.2 of those libraries. Now I am trying to expand this app to also write data into Elasticsearch. I am using the elasticsearch, elasticsearch-rest-high-level-client, and elasticsearch-rest-client all on version 7.6.0

I ran into issues where my unit tests weren't working because of an error
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/lucene/document/LegacyIntField

This was due to a lucene-core conflict under the elasticsearch dependency. ES was using lucene-core version 8.4.0 and Solr was using 6.6.2. I excluded lucene-core from elasticsearch and now my unit tests work and my data seems to be flowing fine as well but now I can't publish with ES. Need to figure out how to have Solr and ElasticSearch use their own lucene-core libraries if that is even possible. I have been trying to shade by following but I have not found much luck.

How can I allow ES and Solr to play nicely and use their own Lucene versions? Cheers!

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