Can I search index while creating ,updating or deleting index?

I would like to search index while creating , updating or deleting index.

Can I do it?

Creating and updating? Yes. Updates build up until they are broken out into a segment files under the hood. This starts with an in-memory segment file that can become available for search. After a while this in-memory segment is committed to disk. You might want to read this article on Near Real-Time Search

Deleting? Well deleting data is simply an update of a tombstone in Elasticsearch. The new segment mentioned in the last paragraph records the records deleted. On the next refresh, Elasticsearch examines each segment and records which docs are marked for deletion.

The big key is this is all near-real time and eventually consistent, data isn't searchable until a refresh occurs. But you can tweak the refresh interval at an indexing performance cost.

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Thanks for your Reply.

I understand that I can search index.