Can I upload a csv file without timestamp to kibana?

File could not be read

[illegal_argument_exception] Could not find a timestamp in the sample provided


Can you please tell me where were you trying to upload this CSV?


I have mention it on the subject, In Kibana.

Which part of Kibana? saved objects? maps? canvas?

If you could attach a screenshot - its easier for us to help you.
Also please note - data is almost always ingested in Elasticsearch. We have limited capability for data ingestion (.json file upload) in Kibana and at present its on maps.


Thanks for your help, Now I am able to upload that csv file without timestamp in Kibana. Could you please help me with another question? then via Elasticsearch also I should be able to ingest data without timestamp right? I have worked with elasticsearch and kibana before but mostly with csv file having date as a column but now I am trying to create index in Elasticsearch by ingesting text files. Will it be okay?

Your data needs to be in .json format for you to ingest in elasticsearch.
These docs should help you -
Also Kibana doesn't have the ability for user to upload a csv file. I am really confused by this in your response:


Really, only .json file? I am not sure if we are on same page because I have many experiences injecting .csv files into Elastcisearch to create an index by running Logstash config file. You could verify my project from my github account.(

Also regarding uploading .csv file please check the screen shot attached with this message, where I was able to upload the file and create an index pattern for that.

Ah so you are trying to ingest it in machine learning. It makes sense now. Thanks for the screenshots. I was thinking of core Kibana apps. ML is solution and we have a tag for ML questions.
This is a good blogpost for it -

So when you are running logstash config file and uploading data into elasticsearch - logstash is converting the file into JSON and then uploading it. ES sees incoming json.

Thanks for your reply and please let me know if you have questions. Awesome project.


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