Clarification - Upload of CSV file without Date / timestamp file in Kibana

Hi All,
Please advise me on the below,
I am using Kibana 7.10 version
On daily basis I will receive an CSV file (without date/timestamp field), I need to visualize it by comparing the values.
Please let me know what is the best way to do it

  • Is it possible for me to upload CSV file to Kibana directly and use it for Dashboarding?

  • Or should I upload the data to Elasticsearch and then bring it into Kibana ?

If the data is "daily" (meaning it is relevant to the day it was produced), then why not just add a current-day timestamp column to the CSV file and then upload the CSV?

thanks for your reply,
we will get this data from other interface team, ofcourse we can add it manually but prefer to have it as received from source. So in future, it can be uploaded automatically

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