Creating a report Dashboard from Multiple CSV

Hi all,

I'm discovering ELS I've worked previously with Kibana only using Visualization. Today I'm looking to do something different. I have some CSV from a tool, I have 1 CSV per month to get some data from the previous month.

I want to create something easy for the user to work with.
Here is my idea.

  1. The user upload the CSV
  2. The user can the current month/year from a dashboard I will create.

I know how to set the date (Thank you kibana you already make the job :smiley: ). But how could I upload my futures uploads inside the same Kibna index ina easy way ?
Is it possible ? If not any idea about how I could dal with it ?

Thanks for your answer, and sorry for my low english.

The CSV data needs to be ingested into Elasticsearch for Kibana to be able to work with it. How were you planning on getting the data into Elasticsearch? Was that going to be through Kibana or some other UI? If it's going to be through Kibana, you may need a custom plugin built for this use case.

I thanks for you answer. My idea was to use the upload option inside Kibana.
So if I understand well there is no way tu upload a new CSV file into Kibana and "link it" to an already existing Index in order to add new data inside the index ?
Any idea of a plugin wich can help me with this case ?

Gi, sorry but the up, but did anyone already do something similar ?

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