Upload of multiple CSV files into same index

Please advise me on the below.
I want to upload CSV file into the same index name on daily basis and need to create Kibana dashboard.

  1. Is it possible for me to upload the CSV file directly into Elasticsearch automatically?
  2. Or should I bring the data only via Logstash?

Hi @Raj4,

Yes, use the "Upload File" integration in Kibana (supports files up to 100MB by default), but note this is a manual process. You'll need to upload the file each day.

You definitely can use logstash and could set it up to parse the files automatically.

If you are looking to completely automate the process I'd go for number 2 as a solution. Depending upon your use case you could also use filebeat to send the data to the cluster and then use and ingest pipeline. Both work in a similar fashion.

Great, thanks!

You're welcome.

What sort of data is this?

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