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Hi Team,
On follow up on below issue can anyone help me out?


I've seen Marco has already tried helping you. I have a few more questions to help us understand what's going on:

  1. You say you're getting this for all indices. Did you mean - index patterns?
  2. Can you try creating a non-timebased index pattern, ie. an index pattern without a date field?
  3. Does the issue happen with just the default _source column selected?
  4. Can you c/p request and response from Discover? (In the Inspect tab) Feel free to redact all the data you wish to keep private

Thanks for your reply @majagrubic

Yes I mean index patterns. Yes issue happened with just default _source column selected. One strange thing I have observed today, when I selected date as 25th Nov I got data in CSV and when I selected 18th Nov again its blank CSV. I am using hot,warm, cold architecture. Is there something I am missing here?

Can you confirm you are seeing data in DIscover for the selected period, just not in the generated report?

Yes I can see data in Discover but not in CSV report.

any update on this?

Hi, there are a few known issues which you can check into and see if yours is related:

My issue is somewhat related to [Reporting] Saved search exports an empty csv if an end time in the future is selected. · Issue #69636 · elastic/kibana · GitHub
but in this link it is mentioned that if we select today or this week in timerange than issue comes but in my case it is coming for old data as well(infact mostly coming when I select last 7 days or 15 days or select particular old date.)

Hi Naman - which version are you on? 7.15?

its 7.9.3

Perhaps the quick ranges you are selecting, last 7 days or last 15 days, still selects an end date in the future.

Here's a key to the quick ranges:

  • last day: the time range goes from the beginning of today to the end of today (future date)
  • last 24 hours: the time range goes from 24 hours ago to now

I advise you to upgrade to the latest version. There are plenty of (fixed) bugs in older versions that have no workaround.

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