Exporting to CSV missing values in fields

Hi All,

Wondering if I can get some help. Currently from Kibana I'm running some Discover Reports, I can see all the fields and information in Kibana, however when I export it to CSV, 4 columns out of 6 have no values at all, but the values show in Kibana Interface. Anyway how to fix this.

Hi @jasieltego ! Would you please provide the version of the stack you are running?

Hi @JLeysens , I went to Kibana and DevTools and ran a GET command , it states Version number is 7.13.2
I don't know if this is just the version for Elastic Search or the whole stack.
Let me know if this is not the information you requested

There are probably a few things we will need to look at:

  • Does this happen for a specific index pattern (or set of objects)? If you limit your discover search to a single object (perhaps scope the search to that object ID) and generate the CSV does it still only have 4 out 6 columns empty?
  • Are you able to access the Kibana logs to see what is happening while the CSV report is being generated? It might contain errors that could give us a clue.

Hi, if you are seeing that object fields are not appearing in the CSV report, it sounds like you are experiencing this issue: [Reporting] Not able to generate CSV report on object fields; Discover is able · Issue #25068 · elastic/kibana · GitHub.

This was fixed in 7.13, but it requires the "Read fields from _source" setting to be unchecked :

If this issue is not related to object fields, I would like to see the info from Jean-Louis' questions. In addition to looking for clues with those, it would help if you shared the POST URL that is available in the same panel as the "Generate CSV" button. Please make sure it does not contain senstive information before sharing.


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