Missing columns in Kibana generated CSV


I'm using Kibana 7.10. I'm generating a CSV from a saved search in the Kibana UI. The generated CSV doesn't contain all of the columns that are in the index that I'm viewing. The columns that are added to the CSV aren't the ones that are in the Discover UI in my saved search either.

How does Kibana determine the columns to put in the generated CSV? Is there some way to add columns that are missing?

Edit: I am generating a CSV from Reporting > Generate CSV.

Columns are determined by selections from the list of fields on the left side of the page. If you hover over a field and click the plus it will be added to the center table. From there, saving the table and generating a CSV should hopefully give you the expected report.

Also, there is more information here : [Reporting] Inconsistent output between Export CSV from Discover, and Download CSV from Dashboard · Issue #68718 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

( some more discuss forums posts around this: Exported CSV from search table in dashboard has column values missing - #3 by dosant)

@jbudz The results I get always have the same set of fields. They are not the fields that are in the center table.

Just wanted to double check - have you saved all changes? CSV export will be based on that, not necessarily what's shown in the browser window.

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